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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I make with decoden cream?

You can make anything from phone cases to mirrors.

Can I bring my own phone cases and put charms on it? How much is it?

Yes, you can.

Can I take it home the same day?

Yes, you can take it home the same day. We will dry it with a heat gun, but it will still take about 4-5 days to completed dry.


What is Pouring Art?

Pouring art, also known as acrylic pour painting or acrylic flow painting, is a painting method created by using acrylic paint to pour on a surface to create a flowing design. You can pour the acrylic on the bear statue or the canvas.

How many colors can I choose?

You can choose as many as you desire, but 2-4 colors come out the best in our opinion.

Is the listed price final?

Yes. We will pack it up for you waiting for you to pick up.

Can I take it home the same day?

To ensure the best drying result, we recommend picking up your bear after 3 days. If you want to take it home, we can do that as well.
All payments must be made before leaving.

How much and how long does it take to pour a bear?

It will take about 0.5 – 1 hour to finish a bear.

Mini (3’’) - $12
Small (7’’) - $38
Medium (9.5’’) - $58
Large (13.5’’) - $68
Extra Large (22’’) - $108


What is Tufting?

Tufting is an art form using yarn and fabric to create rugs. Tufting projects are typically completed in five steps: Tracing, tufting, gluing, backing, and complimentary trimming

What kind of designs can I make?

Technically, you can make anything you want; however, we recommend something easier with less details for first timers. Keep in mind that the larger the details, the easier it gets.

Do I need to bring my own design?

Recommended, but if you don’t know what to make, we have a collection of designs where you can choose. You can also look at our Tutulander IG before your visit.

Can I take the rug home the same day?

Yes, you can take the rug home the same day as long as you finish the rug.

What if I could not finish the rug?

No worries. You can schedule another appointment and come back. All payments must be made before you leave.

Is there a time limit for rug making?

No, there is not. Most customers take about 3 hours to finish a rug from beginning to the end.

How much and how long does it take to make a rug?

The prices are determined by the sizes of the frame, which will determine the size of the rug you could make. Time length depends on the size as well as the design itself. Below is an estimate of each size.

Small (17’’*17’’) – 2.5 hours - $78
Medium (20’’*24’’) - 3 hours - $108
Large (28’’*28’’) - 4 hours - $148
XLarge (40’’*36’’) - 5 hours - $208

Can I provide a design, and have you do it for me? And how much is it?

Custom rugs are available. Price depends on the size and the design. Please talk to our staff or email us at [email protected]

Do I need to make a reservation, do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, walk-ins are welcomed, however it is likely that we will be fully booked a week in advance. We recommend scheduling your visits 1-2 weeks ahead of time. Please call us at (617) 208-8525 to make a reservation.

Is there an age limit for tufting rugs?

We recommend 13 years and older.

How many people can work on one piece?

We recommend one person for the small size rug.

Can I bring alcohol to the store?

Unfortunately, all alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the store.

Can I bring large party or hold group event?

Yes. Deposit must be made in front. Please call us at (617) 208-8525 or email us at [email protected]

Can I bring my dog with me?

Yes, we are paws friendly.

Is there any additional cost besides the listed price?

All listed prices are final. Service fee will only apply if you want us to finish the rug for you.

Store Policy

Please be nice to our staff and other customers.

All payments must be made at the first service day.


We will provide comprehensive tutorials for our customers before they start the rug-making process. The tutorial will include fundamental basics about how to use the tufting gun and practice sessions with our staff member coaching on the side. Thus, we will not be responsible for the unsatisfied rug.

For party with 5 people or more must make a deposit before visiting.

Tufting Customers must sign store waivers

We will not be responsible for splitting the paint during the pouring process.

The deposit is not refundable but will be deducted from your final check.