Decoden Art

Decoden Art

Want to own a personalized Phone Case AirPod Case Decoration Light Tissue Box Photo Frame Purse Pen Holder Hand Mirror Table Mirror Hair Clips Hair Clamps Hair Brush ?

‘Decoden’, is a term for a style of decorating accessories. The term ‘deco’ is short for decorated and ‘den’ is short for ‘denwa’ meaning ‘phone’ in Japanese.

The action ‘decoden’ means decorating any accessory of your choice with flat-backed cabochons. These can include rhinestones, resin cabochons, pearls, stickers and even polymer clay pieces!

The whole idea behind ‘decoden’ is it needs to look very over the top, big and stands out. It can follow a specific theme such as colour schemes, anime themed, food themed and mermaid themed etc

At Tutuland, Decoden art is popular but specifically among female customers at all ages. It’s a perfect activity for girls night, date night, kids activities, fun things to do with friends etc.

You will have all tools ready and go through a comprehensive tutorial by our informative store associates before you start on your work and you will have thousands of selections of charms to choose on your Decoden Arts.

Product Price
Phone Case $38
AirPods Case $20
Decoration Light $58
Tissue Box $48
Phone Frame $38
Purse $48
Pen Holder $48
Hand Mirror $28
Table Mirror $38
Hair Clips(4) $10
Hair Clamp $18
Hair Brush $18

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